Robin Shaw + Parents For The Planet

I'm a Mom on a mission. I created Parents for the Planet as a resource to support families in taking charge of their lives and legacy. I believe families are incredibly powerful in influencing what direction our species goes in, and now more than ever we need all hands on deck.

"We can't just consume our way to a more sustainable world."

-Jennifer Nini

In many ways our Western culture and economy are set up to distract us, to slowly and quietly poison us, to systematically induce a fear and scarcity mindset.

When I had my son I worried about what kind of world I had brought a child into. For the first 6 months of my son's life I actually cried myself to sleep every night, wracked with fear. But then something amazing happened.

I came in contact with people who are "into" sustainability. Inspired by them, I started making small changes in my everyday life.

I learned about climate change, social injustice, systematic racial inequality, and made the connection that my choices have an impact. Where I shop, what I buy, what I wear, what I feed my family, what and how we discard what we don't need...

Every choice affects a whole chain of other people, animals and their habitats and ultimately the planet.

We don't need a few people doing this perfectly, we need all of us, doing this imperfectly.

Now I, too, am "into" sustainability. I'm also "into" racial equality, social justice and radical self love. These are not hobbies, these are not fads. This is a call to break free of the status quo and live a life of purpose and passion. A life in harmony with other people, animals and the planet.

Parents are the gatekeepers of tomorrow.

Parents for the Planet is here to help create a better tomorrow. What better time to start than now?